The Dutch band Vower is a mix of genres from ’80’s, ’90’s – noise, grunge and stoner rock with psychedelic synth rock influences. Vower is inspired by bands like Tame Impala, Sonic Youth, Kyuss and Morphine. It’s a sound that needs to be explained as a desert feel with a psychedelic synth vibe. The vocals of singer Mook lean on heavy guitars and powerful synth delays. The lyrics and vocals originate from an instrumental base and seem to arise from a feeling of unfulfilled desire. Go listen, get in the seat, be healed!

In the past the band members played in various formations. On vocals and guitar Ruben Mook, Friso Lippmann on keys, Duco Lippmann on bass and Mathieu Prudon on drums. The sound is finalised. The band recorded and produced a demo by themselves.